My Instant Ten Mini Site


This is NOT a Multi-Level, Pyramid Scheme or Matrix Program. This is your own mini Reseller site Which includes advertising resources,marketing materials and much more! Your Mini Site
(Just like this one) will automatically sell $10 packages for you 24 hours a day “It’s that easy”…

 Remember, you are purchasing a fully automated income generating mini site for only a $3.50
One-Time Set Up Fee and a $10.00 Monthly Fee for your Text Ads! Your Own Reseller Site will be yours forever,  and every $10.00 Monthly Sale made from your site will go directly to your PayPal account instantly (that’s 100% profit). Your automated mini site will do all of the selling for you and deliver the product to your customers digitally, automatically and instantly.  

 If you ever wanted to own a website or an online business but just haven’t had the ideas,
experience or know how Instant Ten is the best place to start.

 See the possibilities:

100% Commissions

Are you getting 100% commissions in your business?

If you have your own internet business, why would you want anything other than 100% commissions?  Are you getting your 100% commissions instantly deposited into your bank account?

Well, most businesses don’t offer 100% commissions.  Why? Because they are in business to make money too.  Why would anyone launch a business and pay their members all of the commissions?  The answer is, they know how to create a business strictly for their members.  Their not stupid, they make a lot of money too.  They make it on back end products and they market this business.  Also, because all members are making 100% commissions instantly,  they know that there will be a lot of sign ups, which brings a lot of activity on their site.

How can you get paid 100% commissions instantly?

Who wants to wait for your commissions when you’ve worked so hard to get sign-ups.  You want to see that money right away.  How many times have you signed up for what looked like a great opportunity only to find out that pay day was two weeks to a month away?

There aren’t very many companies that pay their members 100% commissions instantly.  I only know of 2.  Imagine for a minute that you sign up for a business that only costs $25.00 a month and your first sign up pays you $25.00, guess what?  Your membership is paid for with that one sign up.  Wow, is it possible?

  • Earn 100% Commissions Instantly
  • Earn 100% Of Members Monthly Subscriptions
  • Earn 100% Of Compounding Passive Residuals
  • With A Product That Has The Potential To Double or Triple Your Monthly 100% Commissions!

Who wouldn’t want to make commissions instantly?

You know the old saying, “if it were that good everyone would be doing it”?  Well, it is that good and everyone should be doing it.

What is it?

It’s called Empower Network and it is the highest paying affiliate membership program  around.  There is nothing like it.  Simply refer others to earn 100% commissions.   Quality products, totally done-for-your viral blogging platform, marketing system and training.

Empower Network has completely changed the network marketing industry in just a few months.  Over $1,000,000.00 in 100% commissions paid out in the first 3 weeks of Empower Network’s launch back in Oct 2011.  Where else have you seen that?  We’re talking about totally done-for-you marketing system, blog, daily email swipes, webinars and opportunity calls done for you.  All you have to do is invite people.   This changed the entire dynamic of the network marketing industry.

Starting at $25, the Empower Network opens the door for anyone who has any desire to make a change for the better financially.

To learn more about the pay structure and the products, you can click the banner to the right for access to the full Empower Network training video with all the details, direct from the founders.

Click Here to watch a video explaining the entire business and start making 100% commissions instantly today.

Body By Vi Scam


Body By Vi Scam

Body By Vi Scam is the most searched for because people want to know the truth whether ViSalus is a scam or is an honest product that will possibly work.  It’s a good thing to check out any business or product to make sure it’s not a scam.  Body By Vi Scam, is it truth or a lie.

I can tell you this.  The company ViSalus has been around since May 19, 2004 and there’s not a business out there that could survive for 7+ years if they weren’t a reputable business.

I know with all the scams out there that people are just plain sick of trying to do business with any company because it’s so hard to trust anyone.  That’s why there are a lot of searches for body by vi scam.

Looking For a Great Weight Loss Plan?  Body By Vi Scam Is Not a Scam…

When you searched body by vi scam, I’m sure you were looking to start a weight loss plan.  I can tell you that ViSalus is a good product and you will see results as long as you follow the plan.  ViSalus is committed to helping people all around the world to get healthy.

Want to take the 90 day challenge?

ViSalus is challenging the world to look at health differently.  They challenge you to make your health a priority for at least 90 days using their Body by visalus 90 day challenge.  Is body by vi scam?  Absolutely not.

Why 90 days?

Success does not happen overnight.  No one or very few have had the privilege of overnight success.  So, with that being said, 90 days is not a long time to do something good for you.  Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

How does free sound?

If you would like to get this product for free, all you have to do is refer 3 and it’s free.  ViSalus has a great compensation plan that will help you get your product for free.  You will also be shown how to make a good income.  Their compensation plan is quite different than the other plans out there.  You don’t need a lot of people to start making money.  How about a BMW?

So Is Body By Vi Scam Worth The Search?

So there you go.  Body by vi scam is not a scam but is the real thing. As you have read my body by vi scam article, I think you will agree that it is not a scam.

Below, Blake is going to give you 10 reasons why the Visalus Challenge could be for you.  The product and the compensation plan.  Be sure to listen all the way through the video.

“ViSalus Compensation Plan” Top Ten Reasons Network Marketing Leaders Love It!

I hope this helps you to see that body by vi scam is not a scam and that they are their to help you with your weight, health and if you want they can help you build a profitable business.

Wishing you a long and prosperous life.



My Excitement Increases Daily...


OMG, as I read and learn this new business concept I get more and more excited.  I can’t believe how these 2 guys (Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe) have put together such an absolutely ingenius business platform.

They have set this up so the members make 100% of the commissions instantly.  I have been listening to every video, audio and reading everything they have put together and the more I listen and read, the more excited I get.

I just signed up a couple days ago and I seen the potential for making a lot of money.  I don’t have to do anything techie, like setting anything up, because it’s all done for you.  The hardest thing I’ve had to do was set up my payment processor so I can start getting instant commissions.  Trust me, that wasn’t hard at all.

Also, my sponsor Jon Mroz  has set up a training site for his members to get started and anyone I sign up will have access to that.  He is brilliant and has been on the Internet doing business for a long time, and brings a lot to the table as far as training others.

My advice to those looking for an Online Business is to look for the following:

  1. Easy sign up
  2. Fast start to making money
  3. Video’s to educate you
  4. Marketing Strategies
  5. 100% Instant Commissions
  6. A sponsor that will help you grow your business
  7. Finally, being part of a team

These elements will give you a good start and hope for your future.  I’m learning a lot and together we can change the world one person at a time.

The world may be in financial stress, but individually, we don’t have to be.

That old saying, “if it were that great everyone would be doing it” is what keeps people from making changes to better their life.

It’s true that there are a lot of scam artists and illegal business ventures out there, and you do have to be careful and responsible by doing your homework and making sure that what you’re getting involved with is legal and upfront.

I know because I’ve gotten myself into what I thought was going to help me financially and ended up ripping me off.

Did I let that stop me?  No, because I had faith that I would someday find an answer to getting me to where I what to be.  It’s taken a long time, but I just never gave up.

This opportunity has 3 components:  Blog daily, Tell others and make money.

Click Here to go watch an exciting video.  Take the time to sit down and take notes.  I promise you will not be able to sleep tonight.  You will be laying awake thinking about how you’re going to spend the money you will be instantly making.

Vickey's Empower Network Blog!


Why I joined Empower Network!

Because it pays out 100% commissions instantly.

When I sign someone up, I make 100%  commission instantly, and you can too. I joined Empower Network because I wanted a business where I could earn instant 100% commissions.  I didn’t want to wait a week, 2 weeks or a month to start seeing an income.

I wanted something simple and a done for you platform.  I’m not saying that I expected to join a business where I didn’t have to do anything and money would just start flowing in, (well maybe I did). lol  I’m realistic and know that it takes work for you to succeed in any business.

Another reason I joined Empower Network is the extensive training and support that they give to each and every member.

So many people are struggling out there trying to make it on the Internet and it is very sad. I know because I’ve been there. I’ve almost given up on my dreams. But I have found after a lot of failure on my part that there is a way, you just have to be open enough to see it, and never give up.

I really want to highlight the features of Empower Network so those of you who are looking for a simple yet very profitable way to make money will understand.

So here goes:

Listed below are the features and highlights of Empower Network.

  • Instant 100% commissions into your bank account with everyone you sign up.
  • State of the art training and support for each new member to get them making money fast.
  • A done for you Blogging system (just like the one your on now) where all you do is go in an blog daily.
  • Newbie friendly and advanced for those of you that are more tech savvy.
  • 3 income levels: $25.00, $100.00 and $500.00.
  • Weekly webinars and updates.


 A Note About The Income Plan:

I suggest starting out with the $25.00 plan (unless your able to start higher) because than you can start making money faster.  Most people don’t have a lot of money to start.

Once you start getting sign ups and making money, than you can upgrade to the next level, $100.00.  Than upgrade to the $500.00.

The $25 and $100 are monthly payments and the $500 is a one time payment.  You can only earn on the products you pay for and own.  So if you don’t purchase a product and you sign someone up that decides to purchase that product, the payment will go up to your sponsor or the next person who purchase it.

I know with today’s economy, a lot of people can’t afford to pay out a large amount for a business, so the $25.00 level makes it easy to get started.  Once you start getting sign ups and making money than you upgrade.

Remember, you get 100% of the commissions when someone signs up, so your first sign up will pay for your monthly membership.

Empower Network Compensation Plan Details:

  • Break even with one referral. You get the $25 / $100 back instantly with your first person.
  • Instant pay! All members pay each other directly. No going through the company.
  • Compounding income via the pass-up compensation plan.
  • 100% pure net pay with an incredible “done-for-you” marketing systems and blogging platform.
  • Residual income by getting paid $25 / $100 every 30 days from all members on your payline.

Did you catch that last bullet point? Residual income. That’s the key. No more do you have to work and work and work and each month just to start all over again. How do you think that company’s like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and all the other companies that make a fortune do it? They bill you every month… That’s residual income. You build it once and keep adding to it.

Empower Network Comp Plan Membership Levels:

3 Optional Levels to Join:

  • Empower Network Basic – $25 Monthly
  • Empower Network ‘Inner Circle’ – $100 Monthly (optional upgrade)
  • Empower Network ‘Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – $500 (1 time optional upgrade)

The Stats:

We are seeing that out of 100 people that join at the $25 level, 50% will upgrade to the $100 level, and 25% will upgrade to the $500 level. We’ll only discuss the $25 and the $100 levels in the examples below because we will only be discussing residual income rather than 1 time payments.

Let’s say that you are fully qualified (meaning that you are able to receive pass-ups and you have recruited at least 6 people.

Imagine getting 20 members a month (This is VERY achievable as I recruited 76 people my first 4 days in business). Taking into account pass-ups, that’s 16 members at the $25 level amounting to $400 and taking into account the up-sell percentages, 8 members at the $100 level amounting to $800 for a total of $1,200 your first month.

Doing the same, you get 20 members the second month as well. That’s $1,200 right? WRONG! That’s $2,400 this month. Don’t forget about the first month. Then build some more. Get 20 more during the third month. That’s $1,200, right? Ah Ha! I can’t trick you. Now you are getting it. It’s $3,600!

Let’s take a look at it in simpler terms and ONLY look at the basic $25 level. I am not going to add in the monthly residual to keep it as easy as possible.

The Power of 6

Let’s say that everyone only gets 6 people in empower network their first week and duplicates…

Week 1
You get your 6, you pass 3 of them upline.
You keep 3. So 3 X $25 = $75

Week 2
Your 3 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 9.
So 9 X $25 = $225
*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week

Week 3
Your 9 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 18.
So 18 X $25 = $450
*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week

Week 4
Your 18 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 54.
So 54 X $25 = $1,350
*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week

Week 5
Your 54 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 162.
So 162 X $25 = $4,050
*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week

Week 6
Your 162 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 486.
So 486 X $25 = $12,150
*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week

Let’s skip to week 10…

Week 10
Your 13,125 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 39,375.

So, 39,375 X $25 = $984,375

*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week
Add in the monthly recurring billing and in 10 weeks you have…

$984,375.00 A Monthly Residual Income That Is Staggering!

Not bad for a $25 program, right? The income potential for empower network is staggering! Obviously, this is a perfect world scenario and incomes will vary with the time and effort of every member. But, what if you did even 10% of that?


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